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I remember a few days before Tony died he came over to my house to do his laundry. I went out after work and when I came back he was still there. He had some of his laundry neatly folded sitting on the couch, he wasn't done yet.
What was funny is that I told him his pants are so big that he could only fit 2 in at a time. Tony was thin - but he would buy really large pants and hand tailor them to fit him exactly the way liked, you know the kind with the crouch down to his knees and. He was quite picky about how they felt on him and looked.
I remember he showed me what he had made and left in the fridge, pesto fettucini, I don't care for pesto and I felt bad. He told me to keep it and try it... Well I never tried it and a few days later he was dead. But it remains in the container in my freezer and it will always be there, it just didn't feel right to throw it away.
"Tony's Mom"

The Memory I have of Tony goes back when he was twelve years old.
We all wanted to make his baby brother (Allen's) second birthday really special. We all decided that the best present would be his very own radio flyer red wagon.
While I was busy getting the house ready for the big day, Allen's big sister Liz was making cupcakes as big brother James was busy carefully designing all the birthday signs to put around the house.
When I went into the living room I caught Tony opening up a big box! His gift to Allen was putting that radio flyer together! So instead of cleaning the living room, I ran upstairs for the video camera. I must of looked pretty silly sneaking around the house trying to video tape the kids. But I knew Tony would never let me near him with a video camera!
To this day that will be one of the most special video's Allen will ever have.
I only got a few quick shots of him working hard to get that radio flyer together for his baby brother's big day!! When the kids found out that I was video taping we all started acting really goofy and Tony wouldn't let me get anymore shots of him on tape. So I decided to respect his wishes.
That night was a really fun night. At that time, a night like that in our house came very rare. We laughed, talked, played and just had fun together.
I will always remember that night.
Allen is twelve now and still has his radio flyer. It is carefully put away waiting to be given to his children along with the story of who put it together!!
When that day arrives, it to will be a special day for Allen and the rest of the family.
"Tony's other mom, Lisa"

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