A picture taken of Tony's brother James, Allen and sister Liz on November 1, 1999.
Every birthday and anniversary Liz, James and myself spend the day alone at Kettle Cove


Published in the Portland Newspapers
Composed by Tony's Mom, his sister Liz and his brother James

May 13, 1998

Tony I fell in love with you the moment I felt you.
It's no ordinary love. It's a love that grows stronger every day.
It's that special love between a mother and her child.
Every morning when I wake
I have to relive that day when I found out you were taken from me by that
horrible drug heroin...
You were so young, so talented, so special.
You had so much life ahead of you that you deserved to live.
If only you could have stayed away from the people who helped destroy you.
The wrong person died that night.
My last hug from you was the night before you died.
Had I known, I would have never let go.
That hug has to last me forever.
It makes me smile when I hear your voice in my thoughts.
It saddens me when I realize it's only in my thoughts.
I believe you are finally at peace with yourself,
but missing you will never get easier.
I suffer silently, oh so ever silently.
I will let no one forget your smile, your wit, your life.Love Mom

Thinking about you everyday wondering how it would be if nothing had gone wrong.
Sometimes we think that we see someone who looks like you or sounds like you
and then we wonder, maybe.
But then we realize that you are gone and that we have to wait a lifetime
to see you, to hear you again.
We miss knowing that our big brother would do anything for us if he could.
People say life goes on, but why does it have to go on without you?
We love you and we wish you were here on your 23rd birthday.
We miss you.
Love Liz and James

(From some of your special friends)
(Tara Mello-Mack)
For Tony...
I wish you'd find a way to see us one last time
Your face, smile, voice, laughter still fresh in our minds.
We find yourselves pacing, screaming words that can't define
how we feel about you dying.
Tomorrow will be months since we last heard you speak,
it's hard enough pretending we're alright,
We can barely sleep at night.
We know we'll never hear you again,
but can we truly believe we've lost a friend?
We hope your regrets become lessons to us all.
We can't bear to watch another fall.
We all, who loved you, who really knew you, now endue this pain.
We came to know a hardened boy with the sofest heart,
one minute we're together, the next, eternally apart.
So, Tony, as we pass these words on to you,
We promise that whatever it is we do.
We'll never forget the times we talked, times we fought
and old times that will never again be forgot.

(This tribute to Anthony Terroni II is from his friends,)
(who love him dearly and miss even more.)

May 13, 1999

My SweetTony
Twenty-four years ago I brought a beautiful baby boy into this world
to start our journey through life together.
We had many hills to climb,
sometimes together, sometimes apart.
I wish I was there when your journey came to and unexpected end.
I should have been...
I hear your voice in the wind
I see your face in the clouds
and the sparkle of your eyes in the stars.
I feel the warmth of your heart in the rays of the sun.
You surround me everyday
encouraging my to continue with my journey
without you
I go forth on my journey with your brother and sister
not knowing where it will lead me.
But knowing when my journey ends.
We will be together again.
Love Mom

Tony, you would be 24 today.
This year I'll be 22,
the age you were when you died.
Next year I'll be 23,
it doesn't seem fair that I'll be older
than my older brother.
Is that possible?
I wish it wasn't.
I wish you were still here
so I could burn another angel food cake for you
Happy Birthday Tony
I will always light candles for you.
Love, your little sister Liz

Tony - Hi, I miss you
It's hard without you around
All the memories just don't seem to be enough
without you here.
But, I deal
I have to
If I could change everything I would.
But, I can't
Happy Birthday
I love you!
Love James

May 13th 2000
Tony, you were my first true love.
Life seemed so perfect 25 years ago on the day you were born.
You were in such a rush to start your life that day
I barely made it to the hospital that glorious day
What a wonder you were when I first looked into your blue eyes.
What went wrong?
You used to be so happy, always laughing and smiling
Over the years you became lost in yourself.
Life became so difficult for you.
You pushed me away.
I finally had you back.
All your kissed and your hugs.
And then out of nowhere you were ripped from my arms.
Heroin stole you from me.
How could this happen?
Today I will be walking your favorite beach with your sister and your brother.
We will climb your rocks, feeling the warmth of you from the sun.
You love the ocean.
We feel the closest to you there.
I'll love you for eternity, Mom

Tony - Everday I live on, knowing what could have been.
I think of you all the time.
Not a day goes by when I wish you hadn't passed through the light.
Wherever you are I hope you are content and happy as you finally deserve to be.
People say to move on, but moving on to me means forgetting.
I will never forget you, Tony.
The memories of your smile, your voice, your face will never fade in my mind.
I will continue thinking of you and missing you.
I love you.
Happy 25th Birthday
Love, your little runt of a sister, Liz
Tony - In the midst of life's triumphs and failures,
of all my accomplishments and defeats,
all the pain inside and out.
Doesn't compare to the pain I feel
knowing I'll never see you next to me again.
Thinking of you on your birthday and everyday.
Love James

May 13, 2001

When I saw your angelic face for the first time my heart melted.
I was forever changed.
Finally "I was a Mother".
The ache in my heart is indefinable.
Still in disbief that you are not here.
So many unanswered questions
Did you know you were dying as you lay in the darkness?
Tony, were you afraid?
Were you finally feeling the peace you needed?
Did you know how much you would be missed?
Did you realize how much love there is for you?
Did you think of me as you slipped away?
Perhaps that horrible killer heroin would eventually have taken you away from me.
Perhaps you would have found peace elsewhere.
Perhaps you would have found happiness in love and your own children.
We will never know what might have been.
Happy 26th birthday my sweet Tony
Love Mom

Time heals the pain but it doesn't stop the memories.
Still thinking about you every day.
I love you, my big brother,
always and forever
Happy Birthday Tony
Love Liz
Feel the pain.
Feel the pain of a brother gone away.
But I'm gonna lift myself up.
I'm gonna get my head up.
And when you see me from the clouds
Be Proud
Love James

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